Why icons are not very good for user experience

Icons are a common element in user interfaces, designed to provide a visual representation of a specific action or concept. While they can be useful for quickly conveying information, the use of icons can also have negative effects on user experience.

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WordPress development vs. SaaS solutions: a comparison of CMS solutions

Friends sometimes like to warn us “Squarespace will eat your lunch”, but [spoiler] we don’t think so yet.

There are many ways to approach building a website with dynamic content. We planted our flag in the WordPress camp around 2012. We’ll take a look at the pros and cons, as well as contrast with the alternatives available from SaaS providers like Squarespace.

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Typography: Design has more details than many would care to know

“Paul Wat­zlaw­ick’s first ax­iom of com­mu­ni­ca­tion—“one can­not not com­mu­ni­cate”—puts it very suc­cinctly. If you fail to con­sider the ef­fect of your mes­sage on the re­cip­i­ent, you may in­ad­ver­tently com­mu­ni­cate that you do not care how your mes­sage may be received.”

-Erik Spiekermann in foreword to Practical Typography


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Big news for web developers: Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported on Google Search

It’s been a busy year and keeping up with updates has been… well, non-existent.

But a piece of news that dropped today inspired me to shout from this digital rooftop: Google has dropped support for IE11 in its core search experience.

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The turtles get their fourth shell

It’s such a cliché when the chef heads home and eats instant noodles. The carpenter’s house is full of broken furniture. But so it was: that our nine-year-old website had gone fallow.

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Video: History of the Times New Roman Typeface

“Typefaces are like speaking with an accent”.


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