Reflections On The Ubiquity Of Poor Design in Hong Kong

Hong Kong can be a cold hard place for the curious designer.

Every street corner reveals ill-conceived design choices, aesthetic horrors, and evidence of typographic neglect. It can be hard to keep your bearings. To grasp tightly one’s moral compass and keep fighting the good fight.

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Native App vs. Web App; Why Hong Kong Mostly Gets It Wrong.

In Hong Kong, there are many examples where a popular website or business decides to release an app. In this sense, ‘app’ is short-hand for a native application; a downloadable thing that creates an icon on your homescreen, be it on an Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPad, and iTouch), or on an Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, or Windows device.

But there is another type of ‘app’. It’s called a web application, or web-app for short. In this context it usually refers to a website that, one way or another, works well on mobile devices. And it’s usually the better option.

web app design hong kong

Forgive me Hong Kong, but we are generally a little backward when it comes to this sort of thing. Let me reveal a little secret: most websites do not need a native app. Let me explain.

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The Turtle Has a New Shell!

It was a long time coming.  But at last Turtle Media has built a new, sparkly web presence with which to attract potential clients.

Our old site was a workhorse, and pretty much single-handedly brought us all the work we needed for the last 6 years.  We have sat in the top 5 of Google for most of that time, and the proposal requests just kept pouring in.

This was our reason (excuse?) for not re-designing our site; we’ve been far too busy!

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