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Have your website code reviewed by experts

Most organisations in Hong Kong today already have websites. So a lot of our projects are website redesigns. It would be remiss not to leverage existing data on what is working (and not working) now.

Consider having experts review the existing site to identify strengths and weaknesses: historical user behaviour data, search engine performance, code and design review, usability for admin teams doing the updates.

We can provide this service to your organisation — from a quick free general audit with recommendations, to a paid review involving stakeholder research, full code and platform review, and SEO analysis — so that you are better prepared to make informed decisions about your online strategy going forward.


Auditing by Hong Kong WordPress Experts. No, really.

WordPress is a powerful platform to build business websites with. But with a low barrier to entry, people with sub-par development skills offer services. The resulting websites will use off-the-shelf themes and ‘builder’ plugins that are hard for end-clients to use, inflexible, and perform poorly in terms of speed and search engine appeal.

Speak to us if you need your WordPress site audited or improved — we’ll help make it start working for your organisation.