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AJ Hackett Skypark

Sharing your jump vid as soon as you land


AJ Hackett operates various Skypark venues around the world, offering thrillseekers the chance to leap from perfectly good structures.

We were approached first by the Macau Tower venue to enhance the end-to-end customer journey experience. Previously paper waivers were filled out, and activity photos and videos given on a USB drive.

There was ample scope for technological improvements, and we have continued to work closely on new features since first deployment. We’re currently in the process of replicating the system for the Sochi site in Russia.

Working closely with the Skypark team, we opted for a browser-based application for use on tablet devices at the venue.

The onboarding process needs to handle an array of possible use-cases. Customers may participate in one or many different activities at each site, from bungies and jumps to walks and climbs. They may be solo, in tandem, or in groups. They may be return customers with loyalty cards. Our system allows them to be quickly registered with a legally binding digital waiver to sign, and assigns them to their chosen activities for further handling by Skypark staff.

Once each activity is completed, the certificates, photo, and video assets are processed in-house by the fantastic systems developed by Nexus Technologies, and we then upload them to the cloud, create a custom media page for each customer, and alert them by email. Customers can then stream, share, or download their media before they’ve even caught their breath.

The results

The Skypark team are able to instantly manage the media visibility (allowing easy handling of media upsells), view activity history and customer demographics. We also integrate with third-party NPS systems for insight into customer satisfaction.

Value delivered includes: reduced staff administration and error rates, reduced operation costs, improved media sell-through and delivery speed, and increased social sharing.

Turtle Media were amazing from start to finish. Really nailed the brief and delivered above expectations!

John Price Director of Urisino Ecosystem Projects

Great collaboration and a focus on my goals. Helped put my website above competitors in search.

Nicola Parrington Founder of Clinical Copy