The Turtle Has a New Shell!

It was a long time coming.  But at last Turtle Media has built a new, sparkly web presence with which to attract potential clients.

Our old site was a workhorse, and pretty much single-handedly brought us all the work we needed for the last 6 years.  We have sat in the top 5 of Google for most of that time, and the proposal requests just kept pouring in.

This was our reason (excuse?) for not re-designing our site; we’ve been far too busy!

There comes a point where a less-than-perfect website ceases to be an asset and becomes a liability. When the aesthetics and principles of your own site are no longer in line with current thinking, how can we expect the clients we attract to want anything better?


It was one lazy morning in bed when one member of our team realised that they would rather watch a YouTube video on their phone in bed, than boot up their laptop.  This was the watershed. The moment that Adobe Flash died. The moment that fixed-width websites would no longer do.  It was time.

We swotted up on our Responsive Web Design skills (thanks Ethan Marcotte) and got to work.  Now, if you open our website on any device, the website automagically re-arranges to suit.  Even when you rotate your tablet screen from portrait to landscape. No more zooming and endlessly scrolling up, down, left, right, to read an article on your phone.

You can play with this function – if you were so inclined – by resizing your browser window slowly narrower. Go on, try it.

We hope you like it. We welcome comments and suggestions. Praise also.